Kilpper @ Galerie Wolfstaedter

January 14 – March 12, 2011

Thomas Kilpper: After War Krauts @ Wolfstaedter
After War Krauts @ Wolfstaedter

Thomas Kilpper, who received international attention especially for his artistic interventions in vacant buildings, will produce a new series of small drawings entitled “After War Krauts” for his exhibition at Galerie WOLFSTÆDTER. In this series he deals in a very special way with German post-war history. Kilpper’s current work is based on …Paul Swiridoff’s photographs. Swiridoff (1914-2002) set a monument to the West German post-war elite in three opulent illustrated books by Konrad Adenauer, Joseph Strauss, Ernst Jünger, Hermann J. Abs, Alfried Krupp and Friedrich Flick. Kilpper alienates and dissects these portraits with the simplest of artistic means. In the process, these formerly powerful people experience a peculiar form of deconstruction and decomposition. Photography as a means of transmitting the representation of power is undermined and counteracted. Kilpper’s installation thus becomes a tension-laden, anti-authoritarian historical tableau of post-war West German history.

Galerie Wolfstaedter
Rotlintstraße 98
Frankfurt, Germany