bakehouse | 1997 – 2004

generally, artists produce pictures. with the installation backstube, the possibility for the production of explosives is created. in a hut assembled from used wood panels, there are all the components necessary to act as a bomber. fire extinguishers and gas bottles as metal containers, various chemicals for the production of explosives, tools, electronic parts, alarm clocks converted to timers, books on the political background. a typewriter is obviously intended for the writing of statements of intent.
does the artist become a bomb maker and potential bomber? bombs instead of pictures?
what’s going on here? should it be attacked – who or what – why and for what?
backstube was created in 1997. the work has so far been shown at three different locations. at kunsthalle schirn, frankfurt (frankfurter kreuz, 2001), at markus ambach’s “sommerpalast” exhibition in neuss (2002-03) and at art fair art, 2004 in frankfurt. each time, it raises different questions. each time, it raises contradictions. for example, the frailty of the hut and the poverty of its furnishings stand in contrast to the obvious striving for power.