A Lighthouse for Lampedusa @ transient spaces in Naples/Napoli

After showing A Lighthouse for Lampedusa! in 2008/09 at Dispari&Dispari Project, Reggio Emilia and 2009 at Villa Romana, Florence, Napoli is the third stage of my Lampedusa project: to be seen at Lanificio 25 at Piazza Enrico de Nicola right in the centre of Napoli.
It was great fun to set it up. Thanks to all who helped installing it. Thanks to all in Lampedusa who are trying to make this dream come true.
Best wishes
Thomas Kilpper

A Lighthouse for Lampedusa!, Lanificio25, Piazza Enrico de Nicola, Naples, 2010

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A Lighthouse for Lampedusa! – Lanificio Naples, 2010
Installation made from metal grid, wire, coloured plastic stripes, photos and light, ca. 8m x 5m x9m