At Wang’s

5. – 17. November 2012

Exhibition opening at the Ex-Chinese restaurant at
Budapest 1114, Bartók Béla út 29.
Opening: 5th November, 6pm
Opening times: 5th – 17th November, 4-7pm

Participating artist:
Mike Ainsworth, Sós József, Zékány Dia, Aubrey Ramage Lay, Davor Paponja, Laura Arena, Levko Esztella, Erlich Gábor, Kis Judit, Pálinkás Bence György, Bogyó Virág (PR Csoport), Hódi Csilla (PR Csoport)

A workshop led by:
Thomas Kilpper

Organised by IGOR METROPOL, “Social Responsibility in Art Today” (SRIAT) is a two-week initiative comprised of an artists’ workshop, an exhbition At Wang’s and a public discussion at Ludwig Museum.
The project aims at inquiring into the possibilities of art as a factor of social change through different means. SRIAT’s goal is to give a time frame and space for experimental approaches towards relevant issues like freedom of speech, domestic violence, nationalism/ internationalism, identity, capitalism, democracy…, introducing a collective artistic work field.
The workshop is led by Berlin based artist Thomas Kilpper. Following an open call, 12 participants from Hungary and abroad were selected to collaborate with Kilpper in a think-tank format.
The participants are working at Wang’s, a former Chinese restaurant. The restaurant’s walls have been turned into an “open diary” constantly updated by the participants. The inner part of the space has been transformed into a shelter, using the interior design of the formal restaurant. The shelter is also a site for personal statements from the participants.
In addition, there are sound- and video installations, intervention documentations and a live-performance. The place has been continuously transformed during the workshop, during the two-week long process.
The participants explore various politically or culturally charged sites of Budapest. The demonstrations of the National Holiday on October 23 served as a field study for investigating the Hungarian political situation. They targeted a number of public statues, for example Ronald Reagan, a bronse policeman, among others. These ‘guerilla sculptures’ address social and political issues like the banning of dumpster-diving or censorship. The documentation is displayed on found video tapes refering to DIY-tactics of political activism.

The project SRIAT: Social Responsibility in Art Today was organized by Igor Metropol Association in collaboration with the Intermedia, the Art Theory and Curatorial Studies Departments of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest. Supported by: ifa and NKA.

Etna carrara @ Ludwig Forum Aachen

June 24 – September 2, 2012

The exhibition ETNA CARRARA presents works by the nine artists who were awarded the renowned Villa Romana Prize in 2011 and 2012: Wolfgang Breuer, Nine Budde, Thomas Kilpper, Henrik Olesen, Sophie Reinhold, Yorgos Sapountzis, Nora Schultz, Rebecca Ann Tess and Vincent Vulsma.

On the occasion of the exhibition, Thomas Kilpper will develop a 15 x 4 metre banner for the façade of the Ludwig Forum Aachen, which is a partial impression of his floor work for the Venice Biennale 2011. The wooden floor of the “Pavilion for Revolutionary Freedom of Speech” with its 33 portraits of politicians served as a printing block for the large-format banner.

Thomas Kilpper @ Kunsthal Charlottenborg, København

May 25 – August 5, 2012

This exhibition features a major installation by the German artist Thomas Kilpper, entitled Pavilion for Revolutionary Free Speech. The work was originally created for the group exhibition Speech Matters at the Danish Pavilion at the 2011 Venice Biennale, where it took the form of a raised wooden platform attached to the exhibition building …

Venetian Prints @ dispari&dispari

February 11 – April 15, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: dispari&dispari project is pleased to invite you on Saturday February 11, 2012 to the opening of the exhibition “Venetian Prints”, the second solo show by Thomas Kilpper (Stuttgart, 1956) at dispari&dispari project. This time Kilpper transforms the exhibition space into a printing office laying out the wooden floor of his “Pavilion for Revolutionary Free Speech” that he made last year for the Danish Pavilions “Speech Matters” exhibition within the 54th Venice Biennial. For the first time he now has the opportunity and working conditions to use his 140 square meters large floor-cut from the Venice Biennial as a template to do large-scale prints on paper and fabrics.

In this work Kilpper refers to social issues such as censorship, abuse of freedom of expression or the exclusion of parts of mankind or the society. However the main focus is set on the general situation in Europe, where within the last 20 years a shift in political power did happen: The once marginal factions of the extreme right have moved closer to the centers of power. This development was to be seen from France to Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium to Hungary and Austria… Kilpper stresses this has to be stopped and turned by a new move towards freedom, emancipation and social equality. “I want an open Europe, where we all live with equal rights, especially with the immigrants and refugees from other cultures”, Kilpper states in an interview with the German press agency, dpa.

The exhibition is open until April 15, 2012, for more information visit
Thanks for the support to Maramotti Collection / Max Mara, Reggio Emila

below fotos show work in progress at  in Reggio Emilia